Teatanic infuser – tasteful or tasteless?

A tea infuser in the shape of the Titanic. Tasteful or tasteless?

A tea infuser in the shape of the Titanic?

A friend pointed me toward this Teatanic tea infuser over at perpetual kid. I guess if you’re a big fan of the Titanic and tea you have a must have tribute to both. Personally, I don’t quite understand the obsession with the Titanic (I have watched the movie with Leo and Kate several times though), but I’m not sure how suitable it is to essentially poke fun at a tragedy. Or maybe I’m too sensitive. What do you think – tasteful or tasteless?



Gaga for teacups? What’s with Lady Gaga’s teacup?

Complete with her favourite teacup and saucer, Lady GaGa heads to the BBC Radio One studios in London to appear on Jo Whiley's Live Lounge

Looks like Lady Gaga love tea just like us. But what’s the story behind Lady and her teacup? As you can probably tell, I love tea (and Lada Gaga) more than your average girl. But Lady is consistently photographed with a teacup, and I’m not sure if any two are alike. (Oh how jealous I am if she has a teacup collection that rivals mine.)

The picture to the right is from a recent trip to London, but she was also spotted with a Royal Dalton Old Country Roses teacup at the Grammys this past Sunday. Lady is all about symbolism in her costumes/outfits, so it wouldn’t surprise me if these little teacups mean something more.

So what do you think, is she a tea freak like us or does is it a symbol of something more?

Have you found the pefect tea cup?

I’ve been searching for the perfect tea cup. Everytime I’m I stumble upon a tea cup I have to check to see if its the elusive perfect tea cup. For me it has to have a

  • Wide top
  • Thin brim
  • Handle large enough to put a finger through
  • Handle shouldn’t feel like it’ll break if it I hold it too hard, but also not to thick
  • Well balanced
  • And, of course, an esthetically pleasing look

Various tea cups and saucers on market stall, close-upGiven that the Western world has been making tea cups for a few hundred years, you’d think I would have found one by now. But I haven’t. So what’s your favorite tea cup  – and why?

A cup for the champagne of teas

Darjeeling has been called the champagne of teas and puerh the wine of teas, so what better cup to serve them in than one that looks like a wine glass. I saw these for the first time last year at the gift shop in the Centre Georges Pompidou. I’m sure if you’re crafty and have the right tools you could make them yourself, but I’m a little wary of chopping a glass in half and soldering it onto the bottom of a tea cup. If you know of an easy way to recreate these without risking embedded glass shards, cuts and burns, let me know.

Hoch die Tassen – thorsten van elten

SUCK UK – MyCuppa Mugs

At some point in every relationship you’re going to have to make a cup of tea, or a cuppa if you’re British, for the other person. And depending on how much of a tea fanatic they are, you may be judged by the color of your tea. And if you haven’t been paying attention to how they like their tea, oh boy will you be in trouble. There’s something just a little wrong about dating someone for several months and then realizing that they don’t even know how you take your tea.

Luckily there’s a mug out there to help you get out of this mess. Along the inside there are shades of tan/brown going from light to dark. Once you have the mug, all you have to do is have the other person pick the color that they like their tea. Or if you’re more sly, have them make it in the mug once and then see which swatch it matches.

I wish I had this when I was in England the first time and incorrectly made the wrong color tea for my flatmate. She’s a classic British woman, of course, and like my tea like my chocolate – milky.

A simple cuppa tea – saving relationships everywhere.

SUCK UK – MyCuppa Mugs

Star Wars tea towels with a Japanese theme

I found this cute and zen-like tea towel from a company in Japan. This one should be entitled “R2D2, Mt. Fuji Off Kanagawa” lafter Hokusai’s print. On the site there’s a whole set of 7 Star Wars themed tea towels.

I can’t read Japanese so I’ll just make up names for them. There’s also a lightsaber Christmas, C3PO cherry blossoms, Vader and Yoda Christmas, zen stormtroopers, and Dark Side/Light Side dueling heads.

Seeing as I can only find them from on a Japanese site, you might want to order them now if you want them in time for the holidays. Of course, you’ll probably need your Japanese reading friend to help you make the order…

【楽天市場】オフィシャルグッズSTAR WARS 和てぬぐい:ココロ商店