Gaga for teacups? What’s with Lady Gaga’s teacup?

Complete with her favourite teacup and saucer, Lady GaGa heads to the BBC Radio One studios in London to appear on Jo Whiley's Live Lounge

Looks like Lady Gaga love tea just like us. But what’s the story behind Lady and her teacup? As you can probably tell, I love tea (and Lada Gaga) more than your average girl. But Lady is consistently photographed with a teacup, and I’m not sure if any two are alike. (Oh how jealous I am if she has a teacup collection that rivals mine.)

The picture to the right is from a recent trip to London, but she was also spotted with a Royal Dalton Old Country Roses teacup at the Grammys this past Sunday. Lady is all about symbolism in her costumes/outfits, so it wouldn’t surprise me if these little teacups mean something more.

So what do you think, is she a tea freak like us or does is it a symbol of something more?

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