Gaga for teacups? What’s with Lady Gaga’s teacup?

Complete with her favourite teacup and saucer, Lady GaGa heads to the BBC Radio One studios in London to appear on Jo Whiley's Live Lounge

Looks like Lady Gaga love tea just like us. But what’s the story behind Lady and her teacup? As you can probably tell, I love tea (and Lada Gaga) more than your average girl. But Lady is consistently photographed with a teacup, and I’m not sure if any two are alike. (Oh how jealous I am if she has a teacup collection that rivals mine.)

The picture to the right is from a recent trip to London, but she was also spotted with a Royal Dalton Old Country Roses teacup at the Grammys this past Sunday. Lady is all about symbolism in her costumes/outfits, so it wouldn’t surprise me if these little teacups mean something more.

So what do you think, is she a tea freak like us or does is it a symbol of something more?

Do you think a bracelet can give you the benefits of green tea?

A company has come out with a new hemp-green tea bracelet that they claim will give you the benefits of green tea through your skin. The bracelets are designed as a zen bracelet, or “Zenlet”, made with green tea. They have three designs, Love, Peace, and Compassion, and are shipped with either a drink coaster or bookmark that is tied to that theme.

According to the company, the bracelets were Independently tested and use a patent pending technology that allows the green tea to absorb into your skin. They say that the bracelets should be worn for eight to twelve days before the green tea is completely absorbed. 

“Soaking hemp or cotton bracelets in green tea doesn’t allow optimal transdermal absorption”, explains David Jensen, CEO of SoutherLee, Inc. “So our design team developed a proprietary drying process using green tea grind and green tea powder to improve its absorption into the skin.” Jensen also adds, “The best way to get the health benefits from green tea is still to drink green tea, but our Zenlet Green Tea Bracelets are fun, attractive to wear and provide a continuous dose of green tea.”

Do you think they’re…

A) The next great way to get your daily dose of green tea
B) Just another product jumping on the green tea bandwagon
C) Cute – who cares if they have green tea or not

See Zenlet green tea bracelets

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Pumpkin spice teapot necklace by LycheeKiss – cute!

With Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday and Halloween right around the corner, this necklace is just in time for the Fall holidays. With an 18″ silver chain and pumpkin teapot and cup made of polymer clay, it’s a steak at $25. LycheeKiss also has some incredibly cute silver service necklaces that I wouldn’t mind getting for, oh say, a birthday. She doesn’t only make tea-themed necklaces, but they’re my favorite in her shop.

Etsy :: LycheeKiss :: PUMPKIN SPICE TEAPOT No. 082 silver necklace

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