Uber-geek Chris Pirillo gets his own tea – Geekalicious

Geekalicious Tea by Chris Pirillo - Mighty Leaf TeaIt’s been said that the geeks shall inherit the earth, but I wasn’t expecting them to take over the tea market. CNet has reported that uber geek Chris Pirillo and Mighty Leaf Tea have teamed up to create a tea aimed at the brand loyal geek market. If you doubt their brand loyalty, just take a look at the Apple fans. According to CNet:

Pirillo has partnered with Might Leaf Tea Company to invent Geekalicious, a signature tea that bears his likeness. It’s a genmaicha-like tea, and like most genmaicha, it has rice puffs that combine with the other natural tea flavors to give it a refreshing character.

I haven’t had a chance yet to taste test this mighty little venture, but it sounds like it might be a refreshing pick-me up that will perk you up just enough so you can complete 100 lines of code without the jitteriness of coffee.

Uber-geek Chris Pirillo gets his own tea | Crave – CNET