Indian Tea Auctions Go Online

Today India got one step closer to having tea e-auctions nationwide.

Bidding adieu to the 147-year-old manual tea auctions in South India, electronic auctioning of tea was formally inaugurated here today by Union minister of state for Commerce and Power, Jairam Ramesh, who said by January 31 next year the new system would be fully in place.

The first online auctions were launched by the Calcutta Tea Traders Association in November 2008. Ramesh also said that the web-based auctions will be in place for the whole country by September 2009.

This is a big change for how the tea industry in India operates. It might help India take back its title as largest tea producer in the world. With the online system, registered buyers and sellers can connect no matter where they’re located. And there’s hope that it will attract new tea sellers that currently don’t sell through the auction systems. So that might mean new tea for us.

E-Auction for Tea inaugurated at Kochi
Pan-India online tea auctions by Sept
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Let Them Eat Tea Cake

Tea cakes don’t have to be tiny little things that you can eat in one bite. The next time you are planning a tea party – see if you can find a local cake genius that can create a tea party themed cake. It’s certain to be a conversation starter.

I’m a big fan of the Cakewrecks blog. Not only does Jen post some atrocious cakes, but she also posts some of the most spectacular cakes I’ve ever seen each Sunday. Today I clicked through to one of the websites of an amazing cake maker, Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake in Costa Mesa, California. And I found this edible masterpiece:

36.jpg (JPEG Image, 375×500 pixels)

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