Murchie’s Prince Charles Tea

Today, my friend and I stopped for a a quick tea at British Columbia’s oldest tea company, Murchie’s. We split a current scone with some thick and creamy Devonshire cream and lovely raspberry jam. And I paired it with a cup of Prince Charles tea.

Maybe it’s the media coverage of Prince Charles’ visit to Canada that had me thinking about this tea, but I couldn’t help myself from ordering it. It’s an extremely strong, rich blend of UVA Highland, Darjeeling, Extra Choice Keemun and Pure Assam. You’re going to want to have it with milk and sugar. To me its stronger than an Irish Breakfast tea. And when you’re facing the 2 o’clock blues after lunch in winter its the perfect thing to pick you up. And it’s a nice companion to the rich scone, cream and jam.

Murchie’s Tea & Coffee Ltd: Teas