Star Wars tea towels with a Japanese theme

I found this cute and zen-like tea towel from a company in Japan. This one should be entitled “R2D2, Mt. Fuji Off Kanagawa” lafter Hokusai’s print. On the site there’s a whole set of 7 Star Wars themed tea towels.

I can’t read Japanese so I’ll just make up names for them. There’s also a lightsaber Christmas, C3PO cherry blossoms, Vader and Yoda Christmas, zen stormtroopers, and Dark Side/Light Side dueling heads.

Seeing as I can only find them from on a Japanese site, you might want to order them now if you want them in time for the holidays. Of course, you’ll probably need your Japanese reading friend to help you make the order…

【楽天市場】オフィシャルグッズSTAR WARS 和てぬぐい:ココロ商店

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