How do you recycle your tea bags?

If you’re a tea addict like me, and using loose leaf tea isn’t always convenient, you probably go through a lot of tea bags in a week. If I have at least 3 cups a day, that comes to 1,095 tea bags a year and about 1.6 kilos of tea! That’s a lot of tea taking up the landfill if everyone’s drinking that much. In honor of Earth Day (belated), here are some suggestions on how to reuse your tea bags instead of just throwing them in the trash.

"mr. tea" by steev-o

  1. Compost – Yup, you can compost them as long as the bags are made of paper (always double check these days since many companies are using synthetics in their bags)
  2. Eye compress – Instead of cucumbers, try cold tea bags instead. Pop them in the fridge, and the cold, tannins and caffeine will help reduce puffy eyes. (Be sure to keep them damp)
  3. Art – Let the tea dry, and you have yourself an interesting medium to sprinkle on top of glue to create designs.
  4. Potted plant filler – Line the bottoms of potted plants with tea bags to help collect water and keep your soil from drying out too quickly.
  5. Bath soak – Put a bunch in a cheesecloth for a fragrant bath (see how)

How do you reuse your tea bags?

Photo: “mr. tea” by steev-o

Cute Japanese tea commercial

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Bloomin’ Tea

I’ve seen blooming teas before, but they’ve just been your typical green/jasmine tea blooms. These are some rather lovely works of tea art.

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