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At some point in every relationship you’re going to have to make a cup of tea, or a cuppa if you’re British, for the other person. And depending on how much of a tea fanatic they are, you may be judged by the color of your tea. And if you haven’t been paying attention to how they like their tea, oh boy will you be in trouble. There’s something just a little wrong about dating someone for several months and then realizing that they don’t even know how you take your tea.

Luckily there’s a mug out there to help you get out of this mess. Along the inside there are shades of tan/brown going from light to dark. Once you have the mug, all you have to do is have the other person pick the color that they like their tea. Or if you’re more sly, have them make it in the mug once and then see which swatch it matches.

I wish I had this when I was in England the first time and incorrectly made the wrong color tea for my flatmate. She’s a classic British woman, of course, and like my tea like my chocolate – milky.

A simple cuppa tea – saving relationships everywhere.

SUCK UK – MyCuppa Mugs

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