Starbucks Tea Time – Review

A friend and I managed to taste test a few of Starbucks new tea lattes. Here are their discriptions from the Starbucks site:

Overall, they’re good but sweet. And the infusions can be sickly sweet once you get to the bottom of the cup if you don’t keep stiring it while you’re drinking it. So if you don’t like your drinks too sweet, ask for it without syrup.

Right now, my favorite is the Vanilla Rooibos Latte. The London Fog is good too (so glad they went with the traditional name rather than the Earl Grey Misto that they were testing here in Vancouver.) I order my teas half sweet or with no syrup at all. The rooibos tea  has enough sweetness itself for me and doesn’t need the extra syrup. You also have to be super careful how you order the teas because they can pack a calorie punch. (You can calculate the calories for each on the Starbuck site or by following the links above.) So for me it’s a tall, non-fat, no syrup, Vanilla Rooibos Latte.

Starbucks Tea