Coffee drinkers just might like the new Tea Forte extra dark tea

So from what I understand, coffee drinkers don’t like tea because it’s just too weak – in taste and caffeine. Well Tea Forte has launched what they say will help fix that perception with their new NOIR pan-roasted black teas. The company says that they carefully crafted it using select leaves from the famed Jamguri tea garden in the Assam highlands in Northern India, and that NOIR tea offers a robust concentrated character to delight even the coffee purist.

Tea Forte present the dark, deep steep of NOIR. (PRNewsFoto/Tea Forte)

Tea Forte present the dark, deep steep of NOIR. (PRNewsFoto/Tea Forte)

After reading about this tea, I did some searching on pan roasting black tea. I can’t find much. Mostly what I found had to do with green tea, and Hojicha is roasted to give it a nutty flavour. So if the effect is the same or similar on black tea, it might make for a more coffee-like flavor. I don’t think the process would add any more caffeine, but Assam typically is fairly caffeinated with a FTGFOP Grade getting you about 86mg per 8 oz. That’s on par with a week coffee. But I haven’t found any information about the NOIR tea’s caffeine levels. The most that their site says is that it’s a “Robust” level, which translates to 50-100mg.

Tea Forte describes the NOIR teas as being full-bodied and aromatic, USDA organic, Fair Trade, and offer an invigorating, deep, robust steep, with malty hints and sweet nuances. Given how they’ve blended it, I suspect that it might have a similar bittersweet quality of a dark chocolate.

Here are NOIR blends’ descriptions from Tea Forte:

  • NOIR Black Cherry: A surrendering black tea with the exotic taste of orchid vanilla bean, licorice root and juicy ripe cherries.
  • NOIR Caramel Nougat: A tantalizing tea with the taste of sweet creamy caramel and toasty roasted hazelnut with a buttery finish.
  • NOIR Peach Brulee: A refreshing black tea offering a masterful blend fragrant with floral and fruit.
  • NOIR Blood Orange: An enlivening tea with the distinct, sweet taste of Moro “deep blood orange”.
  • NOIR Chocolate Rose: An indulgent, naturally sweet cup with a deep chocolate taste and pleasing floral finish.

NOIR is available in Tea Forte’s signature pyramid infusers or loose tea canisters. I’m curious to try it. What about you?

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