Who’s your office tea monitor?

Now we all know that you’re supposed to boil only enough water that you need so you don’t waste energy. Is there anyone in your office who’s the self-appointed kettle watcher? Well, Envirowise is recommending that employers appoint a “tea monitor” to make sure employees don’t overfill the office kettle and save energy.

Envirowise, which is funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, estimates that more than 30 billion cups of water are needlessly boiled each year in British offices. It has advised that companies re-introduce tea urns and encourage staff to brew collectively, in tea pots.

In Britain offices usually offer mainly just one type of tea. My office in North America offers about 8 types of tea, so brewing in tea pots isn’t necessarily feasible.  So if your office uses a kettle, do you think it would it look selfish to our coworkers if you only boil enough water for yourself?

Office tea monitors ‘should stop overfilled kettles’. So who wants to do it? – Telegraph

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