How much tea do you drink a day?

Have you ever calculated how much tea you will drink in your life? Well the people over at Philips have done it for you. After they surveyed UK tea drinkers, they figure that the average person will drink 88,088 cups throughout their lifetime. It breaks down to 1,452 cups a year, 121 a month, or 4 a day.

Why’d Philips want to figure this out? Well they have energy efficient kettles and want to show us just how much greener we can be if we use them. They also found that 10 % of tea drinkers always fill to the kettle to the top – wasting energy to heat all that extra water they don’t need.

I average 3 cups a day and only fill the kettle a quarter of the way if I’m just making tea for my husband and me. At work, the kettle gets filled all the way since other people will eventually come by and need the water. So I think I’m doing okay on the energy savings.

So how many cups a day do you drink – and do you fill the kettle to the top?

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