Did you know Einstein discovered the Tea Leaf Paradox?

Cup of Green Tea by iirraa.
Ever wondered why tea leaves gather at the bottom of your tea cup? Einstein did too, especially since they didn’t follow the laws of centrifugal force. Newsday.com has a nice article that explains it all.

According to Einstein, the leaves’ motion reveals the circulation of water in the cup. Stirring makes the water spin around a central axis, and spiral out from the center. But the water down below is slowed by friction with the cup’s bottom; its spin is weakened. The rotation difference creates a circulation system in the cup: Water at the top, strongly spun outward, travels down the wall and across the cup’s bottom, and then flows back up the central axis.

And this paradox has lead to a new blood test – to find out more follow the link:
HOW COME?: Loose tea leaves gather in a cup’s center — Newsday.com

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