Britain’s leading nutritionist recommends daily high tea

Tea, little cucumber sandwiches and scones with Devonshire cream! – who wouldn’t want that every afternoon. Of course, if we ate our normal meals plus high tea it might not be too good for you. But Jane Clarke writes in the Daily Mail that we should have it:

So often, when we’re tired and hungry, we overeat; we then sleep badly and can pile on weight. It’s a classic scenario but easily addressed by having afternoon tea (and then a lighter supper, such as fruit, soup and salad).

The key there is a light supper – not a full on roast. I know if I have a little snack and tea late in the afternoon I’m more productive at work and less likely to head home early hungry for supper. And it gives me yet another excuse to try new teas.

Jane Clarke: High tea helps beat the afternoon slump | Mail Online