Sun-powered tea factory

You’ve probably heard of sun tea, putting a jar of tea in the sun to brew it, but there’s a tea company that’s using the power of the sun to make tea. Traditional Medicinals, an organic medicinal tea company in Sonoma County, California, has partnered with Akeena Solar to add 1,450 solar panels to power its 70,000 square foot tea factory and headquarters. And they’re saying that makes it the largest solar powered tea factory on earth. (I’m not going to research it…will have to take their word for it.)

This is good news for the environment and tea lovers who what to be eco-friendly in their choice of tea. Traditional Medicinals has offset 100 percent of its electricity usage with wind credits, and this new solar installation will improve upon its environmental objectives, generating 430,000 kilowatt hours per year of clean, renewable energy.

“Energy independence has been a long term goal at Traditional Medicinals” explains co-founder Drake Sadler. “Our company operates according to a set of ethical business principles and practices which embrace environmental stewardship, and advocate for social and cultural sustainability and preservation. Projects like this solar installation simply reflect our deep respect for the earth and humanity.”

It sounds like they take being enviromentally concious to heart. They were one of the firsts in organic and biodynamic agriculture and sustainable wild herb teas. And they help minimize their environmental impact with recycled and recyclable packaging, intensive on site recycling and a fleet of hybrid vehicles. Plus, the company’s 8.5 acre facility is nearly self-sustained with its own water source and purification system, a sophisticated waste water disposal system, a large stocked fish pond for fire suppression and uses dense native drought-resistant landscaping. Perfect for California’s long dry summers.

So not only can you take care of your body with Traditional Medicinals’ herbal teas, you can help take care of the environment too.