Good ‘instant’ tea from Teadrop – Review


If you travel, you’ve probably been disappointed one time (or many) with the tea you’ve been served. I find that they tend to be weak throughout North America, if you’re not at someplace that takes pride in their teas. So I think I might have found an easy way to have good tea while travelling, especially camping. I can’t remember how I stumbled across Teadrop, but I’m glad I did. Luckily, the company sent me a free sampler to try recently.

Teadrop is a local, to me, company in Los Gatos, California started by Sashee Chandran. Her parents hail from Sri Lanka and China (both big tea cultures), so it’s no wonder that she grew up to adore tea. She started Teadrop to find an answer for people who felt that the tea ‘ritual’ to make good tea was just too involved.

Teadrop with waterTeadrop tea comes in cute little shapes of tea, sugar and spice nicely blended together. You place the lump/drop of tea into your teacup and pour boiling water on top. Voila, you have a perfect cup of tea – just add milk if necessary.

Teadrop shapes

My 3 year old daughter loved this tea. Most kids probably will, because they can easily get in on the tea preparation without much mess. We were given a free sampler from the company so we had a few to choose from – a citrus green, rose earl grey, cardamom, and vanilla white. Our favorite was the rose earl grey. Mainly because it’s a black tea and the little one doesn’t like the ‘spicy’ cardamom. I liked all of them, however the cardamom seemed strong to me. I would have to leave that one to have with a fairly heavy meal or something that really complemented the taste. But that’s just my taste. I’m sure there are others out there that would love it.

Teadrop sedimentTeadrop acts like an ‘instant’ tea, but isn’t really one. According to Teadrop, instant tea is derived from extracting tea from processed leaves, and then drying the concentrate to a powder form by freeze drying. Teadrop is not considered an instant tea because the tea leaves are ground until they are super super fine that leaves a sediment on the bottom of the cup. The sediment might take a bit getting used to. The first cup I had, I gulped the last few sips and ate a bunch of the sediment. It tasted ok, but it felt gritty in my mouth. With the second cup I learned to drink the last little bit in tiny sips so that I don’t get a mouthful of sediment. Also, because this tea is so granular you may think there is sand in the packaging when you first open it. It’s not – it’s just that some of the sugar and tea have rubbed off during shipping – not enough rubs off to make any difference to the taste.

Verdict – try it! Whether you’re at work and want a quick way to make the perfect cuppa, travelling in a weak tea zone, or want to minimize bulk on a camping trip, Teadrop offers a great solution to having a quickly made tea that tastes good. They’re $8 for an 8 pack on the Teadrop website.


I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.




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