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Sweet DissolveWe all grab a cuppa tea on the go at some point. And a lot of us add sugar to it, mostly from little packets sitting on counters and tables in cafes. Did you know that just one major coffee chain creates 8 million pounds of sugar packet waste each year in the United States? I hate to think what the amount is worldwide for all sugar packets. This made me think about just how much do I create with my little tea with milk and sugar addiction. (We’ll ignore the tea bag problem for now.)

Hayley Hoverter, inventor of Sweet Dissolve

Well, a brilliant and poised 16-year-old young woman, Hayley Hoverter, from East Los Angeles saw this when she was 6 years old and decided to come up with a solution – Sweet Dissolve. I was watching¬†The Nerdist tonight on BBC America, and they had Hayley on as part of a segment highlighting projects from the LA Science Fair. I wish she had a website already to talk about her patented invention, but a simple search lead me to some videos of her talking about Sweet Dissolve. Basically they’re little triangle shaped organic sugar “packets” wrapped in an organic dissolvable starch. The “wrapper” disappears as you stir in your sugar, and the the wrapper doesn’t add any calories or flavor. And she plans to sell it in dispensers and packaging made of bamboo (a highly renewable resource) that also acts as a natural desiccate. Sweet!

I instantly wanted to try them out, but they’re not on the market yet! They’re currently in a pilot project in South California (6 hours from me – a tad too far just for a cup of tea).

Here’s Haley on CBS LA talking about Sweet Dissolve, and you can see what one of the packets looks like.

Here’s Hayley Hoverter presenting her business plan at the finals of the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. She’s currently in talks with the CEO of FUBU, Daymond John, ¬†(seen in the video) about investing in her company and taking it out of pilot stage.

Check out Haley’s bio on the NFTE competition site.

8 thoughts on “Sweet Dissolve

  1. BRAVA, Haley, and thank you!!! I’ve been hyper aware of waste and garbage and landfill since I was in school in the 70’s, and I’m so happy you have found a solution. May your work encourage others to do the same.

  2. I think this product is great and I want to purchase some for my personal use please Email me and tell me how I gan purchase some please.


  3. I work for a restaurant that would love to use your product! I already discussed it with the owners, and they’re totally on board! Please keep me updated on your progress!!

  4. How can we order some. I can’t find it for sale anywhere.
    Also, will you include stevia in the future?

  5. We would be using your wonderful product for our home use! You have come up with the most fantastic idea since the bread box was made! You will go very far in this world! Even though I don’t know you, I’m extremely proud of you!!! Please let me know when I can order your packets.

  6. I live in $oCal, I would love it if you knew where these were being demoed as I want to bring them in to our company

  7. Unfortunately, I cannot find any follow up info for this invention online. Looks like she never followed through on it? Or perhaps it was bought by someone and they haven’t followed through on the development. A bit of a disappointment since I think they’re a great idea.

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