A tea house heated by compost

If you’ve been wanting to build your very own private tea house in your backyard, but the cost of heating it has been stopping you…well a Japanese design  firm, BAKOKO,  has just the thing for you.

Bakoko Comploo Composting Teahouse

This circular pod-shaped teahouse  harnesses the heat generated by compost –  temperatures in excess of 120°F. According to  Inhabitat:

To feed the composter, garden waste, food scraps or other compost materials can be dropped in through a door at the top of each bin.

A system of sealed ducts runs through each of the bins, and as the air circulates within the walls, the decaying compost warms it. This heated air is in turn emitted through a central vent that releases into the structure’s interior. Occupants can comfortably sit along a circular bench surrounding the heat source, and enjoy the ambient natural light permeating through the transparent dome roof above.

It’s not clear if this is just concept at this point or if you can order it. I’m sure if you contacted BAKOKO they’d work with you to create it.

(via Boing Boing, Inhabitat)

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