The Great One supports great green tea from Bigelow

Wayne Gretsky Bigelow TeaWayne Gretzky, aka the Great One, will be promoting the healthy benefits of green tea, in particular Bigelow green teas.  Soon you’ll be hearing Gretsky talk about the merits of four new Bigelow “Gretzky Green” green teas:

  • Green Tea with Pomegranate: a masterful blend of flavorful pomegranate with delicate green tea.
  • Green Tea with Lemon: The refreshing, light lemony taste adds a zesty note to the delicate flavor of green tea.
  • Green Tea: for green tea purists, a fragrant, light, and mellow brew reputed to have many healthy properties.
  • Decaffeinated Green Tea: The same delicious flavour of regular Bigelow Green Tea in a naturally decaffeinated form.

You can get more information on Gretsky’s support of Bigelow teas at the Bigelow Tea blog.

And if you’re a Gretsky fan, rumor has it that tonight you might get to see him tonight carrying the torch in the opening ceremonies in Vancouver.

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