Best places for tea on-the-go in Vancouver

Vancouver Skyline and Mountains HDRWith the Olympics just a few days away, there will be an influx of visitors to our little city. And many may not be prepared for the cold and rain that can chill you to the bone. But the best remedy for that is a good cuppa tea.  Here are my picks for a quick cuppa, no sit-down required, tea on the go in Vancouver (in no particular order):

  • Tim Hortons – various locations – Most people think coffee. But not many people know they make a good tea. Be sure to ask for the “steeped tea” and how much milk in sugar you want in it.
  • Murchies825 W. Pender St (North side between Hornby & Howe) – This is a B.C. institution. You can do the sit-down tea, but they do take out with any of their teas. They also have a location in Oakridge Mall on the Canada Line. (Prince Charles tea is my fav, but I’m still campaigning for a Prince William or Harry blend).
  • Urban Tea Merchant1070 West Georgia St. @ Thurlow (also on the North Shore in the West Vancouver Mall Village) – Another place that’s better known for it’s lovely high tea and lunches. But they do spectacular tea lattes made with their premium teas. Also, they have macarons and chocolates from France. I strongly recommend the Tribute tea latte in tribute to the games – an almond & marzipan flavored tea that’s even more yummy with almond syrup.
  • Granville Island Tea CompanyGranville Island Market – They recently did a well-needed expansion to accommodate the line-ups. If you’re exploring Granville Island, they’re inside the market, on the east side, next to Stuarts Bakery.
  • Muzi Tea Bar –  870 west cordova street (by Canada Place) – This very sleek tea bar has some seating, but makes lovely traditional japanese teas as well as those with a modern twist. There’s a lovely milk/rose tea latte.
  • Pekoe Tea Lounge (formally Steeps) – 895 W Broadway –  What’s great about this place is it’s homey atmosphere and the fact there’s a tea sniffing station from which you can choose your tea. You may find the Shitty Weather Tea apropos.
  • T1568 West Broadway – This is the tea that the Fairmont uses for their high teas, as do several other high-end hotels and restaurants around the world. It’s austere atmosphere looks like it’s only a shop, but you can order tea to stay or go. And you can also sniff the teas at your leisure before ordering. My fav here is the Mad Hatter tea.
  • David’s Tea2199 West 4th Avenue – Okay, so I haven’t been here yet. But so many people have recommended it to me that I’d be remiss for not including it. And supposedly it’s take away only.
  • Starbucks – one on nearly every corner – Vancouver embraced Starbucks as if it were a long lost child. And you can’t go 2 blocks in this city without coming across one. Their tea mistos (don’t call them lattes) are pretty good. And it’s the only non-Canadian tea shop on this list.

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