Best tea for a traditional English breakfast – Orange Pekoe?

There’s nothing better on a rainy Sunday morning than a traditional English fry-up breakfast of eggs, bacon , sausage, toast and beans, especially after being out late the night before. But wouldn’t you think that you should server English Breakfast tea with it? Well, the experts say no:

Whittard of Chelsea, the tea and coffee supplier, embarked on a survey of a wide range of teas in order to find the best fit for the fry-up. Giles Hilton, the “nose” of the tea and coffee supplier, led a team of experts in sampling the brews to mark the 100th birthday of the teabag … He said: “Orange Pekoe suits the English taste for a rich, strong-tasting black tea which takes milk well. It is the very best Ceylon tea. It has a heavy but classic base which holds its own against the bacon, egg and sausage of a fry-up but does not alter the classic taste.” … and added: “It is important to remember that it does not taste of oranges.”

Most people wouldn’t argue with “the expert,” but I have a few friends that insist on having a breakfast tea with breakfast and nothing else.

Hilton’s last comment reminds me of a breakfast place in the South Bay Area of San Francisco called Hobee’s. I was told to have their signature tea. It was nice, but an orange spice tea just does not go well with scrambled eggs for me.

So what do you think is the best tea to go with a traditional English breakfast?

Ah, the perfect fry-up – eggs, bacon … and a nice cup of Orange Pekoe – News


Happy Birthday to the Tea Bag

Tea connoisseurs will balk at anyone that says a tea bag is the best way to make a good cuppa tea.  But tea bags don’t seem to be going anywhere. The convenience of the tea bag is undeniable. And in the past few years we’ve seen companies innovate new shapes and materials for bags, starting with PG Tips pyramids, that help improve the taste to get it more like loose leaf brewed.

Supposedly the tea bag turns 100 this year….

But actually a little in-depth research of the sort print media so rarely does these days shows it’s more like 104 years since a tea sample was first delivered in a silk sachet. And mass commercial production of paper tea bags didn’t take off until the 1950s.

I’ve heard it said that the tea bag became in vogue in Britain after the war because the sewer systems couldn’t take all the loose tea, and mandating tea bags was the best way to get people to dump their tea leaves into the garbage rather than down the drain. However, I haven’t been able to prove that.

So what do you prefer – bag or loose leaf?

Is it really 100 years since tea was first dangled in a sachet? | Life and style |


Hairdressers Take More Tea Breaks

Ever wondered why your hair stylist seems so happy? It could be the tea breaks. reported that a Nutri-Grain study showed that British hairdressers and beauty therapists are tops for taking tea breaks during their work day.

Research showed two-thirds of hairdressers and beauty therapists made sure they had time for three tea breaks of up to 15 minutes every day. Most builders had only two breaks for a drink, taking less than half an hour a day. But the study of 1400 workers by snack firm Nutri-Grain found that one in five workers said they never took a break for a cup of tea or a snack.

And it sounds like more workers should be encouraged to take their tea breaks.

Professor Cary Cooper, workplace health expert from Lancaster University, said the culture of not taking breaks could be hitting workers’ well-being as well as their productivity.

So what do you think? In this downturn economy, do you think employers should make sure their employees take tea breaks to help increase productivity?

Hairdressers And Beauty Therapists Take More Tea Breaks Than Builders | Business | Sky News


Tea Bag Sqeezer

It is said that you should never squeeze a tea bag into your cuppa because it’ll make the tea bitter. But what’s a girl to do if she drinks several cups a day and doesn’t want all that extra water in her trash or compost? Use a tea bag squeezer. Just be sure to squeeze the tea bag in the sink instead of your nice cuppa tea.

Tea bag squeezer- Crate & Barrel


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